• Changes to product listing: This version improves the product listing endpoint to return a more complete response, allowing for filtering by different parameter
  • Addition of a new endpoint: This version includes a new endpoint you can use to return the currently supported countries.


  • Changes to request and response for Order operations: This version includes significant updates to the request and response mechanisms for creating, retrieving, and listing orders. Please refer to the updated API documentation for new structures and fields.
  • Removal of Get Links operation: To streamline our API and improve efficiency, we have removed the 'get links' operation previously used to retrieve payout links of an order. This change reduces the required API calls to place and retrieve a payout link order from three to two.
  • New Payment Method: As part of our ongoing effort to enhance user experience, we are now enabling payment with account balance on the Runa API. This new feature adds to our existing payment methods, providing more flexibility and convenience for our users.
  • Product Selection Flexibility: We have modified our product selection feature to allow item-specific product selection. Previously, product selection applied to the entire order, but now it can be specified per item. This change provides you with greater flexibility and control over your orders.