Runa Feature Releases

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June 2023

Runa FX

For Connect customers only

We are excited to launch the new Runa Foreign Exchange (FX) capability integrated directly into our platform. With FX powered by Runa, managing balances and conducting transactions in multiple currencies has never been easier or more convenient.

  • Streamline FX and reduce manual exchanges.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Reach users wherever they are

Which currencies are available?
GBP - Pounds (UK)
CAD - Canadian Dollar
USD - United States Dollar
AUD - Australian Dollar
EUR - Eurozone
PLN - Polish Zloty
DKK - Danish Krone
NZD - New Zealand
CZK - Czech Krone
CHF Swiss Franc
NOK - Norwegian Krone
SEK - Swedish Krone
HUF - Hungarian Forint

Runa Balances

For Runa Platform customers

We are happy to share Runa Balances and a new top up process, designed to make it quick and simple for you to add and manage funds in your account.

With Balances, Runa Platform users can use alternative payment options, more easily manage their program spend, and empower finance teams to manage their budgets and reconcile confidently.

What does this mean for you?

  • Fund your balances quickly and easily with no charge.
  • Manage your budget more confidently by transferring only what you want to spend.
  • Get full visibility into all spend in and out of your Balances.
  • Download statements to aid reconciliation.

Please note that you can continue to pay via credit card but please note that from 6th July credit card payments will incur small third party charges. You can avoid these fees by topping up your Balances.

March 2023

Payout Link

The Runa Payout Link builds on the foundation of the Select Link and offers new and improved functionality.

The Runa Payout Link is an easy, and convenient way for consumers to spend the payouts they have received on a range of digital assets available on our network. Consumers can store the digital value they have received (e.g. FIAT currency), and exchange this stored value for digital assets such as Gift Cards, Subscriptions, Prepaid Cards, and Donations.

What’s changed?

  • We have redesigned and optimized the redemption experience, with a simple, easy-to-use design.
  • We have introduced a basket experience that sets the foundation for future wallet functionality.
  • We have introduced responsive design, which means consumers using our wallet on desktops, or mobile will get an experience that is automatically adapted to the device they are using.
  • All assets held by the consumer are stored in the Payout Link. This gives them the ability to come back to their asset anytime and spend it wherever, and whenever.
  • We have introduced new digital payout types including subscriptions and donations.

Find out more.

April 2023

Reporting & Reconciliation API

We have made some changes to our reporting API to enable customers to reconcile Runa orders with their internal records.

What is this API for?

Reporting Use Cases:

Get access to the real-time data behind our reporting, to create your own customised reporting dashboards or enrich your data warehouse.

Created Order HistoryFind all orders created over any period from 1 day to a custom period over several months
Refunded Order HistoryIdentify refunds (cancellations, expirations) credited back to your account
Redeemed Order HistoryIdentify the product, face value and consumer for any order

Orders include: Internal ID, your order reference, total value, total price, currency

Order Items include: email, link, value, price, product, discount

Reconciliation Use Cases

Reconcile orders placed through our platform in your own solution. Typical use cases and questions you can answer are:

Identify if an order is missing from your system, but appears on oursThis may indicate you are placing orders outside of your logging, or your system failed to log an order placed
Identify if an order is missing from our system, but appears in yoursThis may indicate the order failed silently on our side, or your system ignored an error omitted
Verify the order value, product and discount matchThis could indicate if an order was altered, or a discount later changed after the order was placed
Identify redemptions and unredeemed or expired valueTrack when a placed order has been redeemed by the consumer, so you can identify unredeemed orders.
Identify cancellations and expected refundsTrack orders that have been cancelled, so you can forecast an expected refund and plan your budget.

This API covered events for instant orders, delayed digital orders & select link orders. Direct term and campaign orders are not currently supported.